INAModel™ Imagine The Possibilities

The INAModel represents cutting edge technology developed exclusively for Allergan Aesthetics and to help women considering breast augmentation surgery “imagine the possibilities” afforded them by a qualified plastic surgeon using Natelle ™ Implants. The INAModel is not a replacement for a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon nor does it predict or display actual results for actual patients. (Please read the complete disclaimer at the bottom of this page.)

What Is INAModel™ And How Does It Work?

INAModel is a 3 Dimensional representation of the female body (neck through hips) that can be manipulated to simulate results of a breast augmentation procedure for women of varying shapes and sizes. (Use of the INAModel requires the VET viewer be installed on the users computer, if not already installed, the user will be prompted to download the viewer automatically)
1)The user can type in a height, weight and pre-operative bra size for the model.
2)The user can then adjust the shoulder, hips, waist, abdomen and buttocks to more closely resemble their own body-type.
3)The user can then choose a Natelle ™ implant type (round, high-profile or shaped) and adjust the fill volume in cc's (cubic centimeters) to the desired size.
4)The model can then be turned and zoomed in on to view from various angles.

What's Next?

The INAModel was fun to play with, where do I go now? LookingYourBest invites you to visit the photo gallery and the InaView gallery (what is InaView?) to view actual photos submitted by enrolled physicians, or to use the quick search at the top of this page to find a plastic surgeon in your area!

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